When social media uses us


I hear it all of the time – social media is rising in our hierarchy of evils. I get it, too. It can help foster comparison, frustration, and drama. I’m right there with you. Drama makes me squirm and reminds me of 9th grade. The unbridled way in which we feel free to rant and rave on social media in a way we never would face-to-face is incredibly unbecoming of our generation.

BUT! But, but, but… I’ve been wondering — what if we took the power back? What if we made a pact to strip the internet of  some of its scariness? What if we started using social media instead of social media using us?

What would happen if we logged in with a purpose?
What if we browsed our friends’ profiles, scouring for a  new way to boost somebody’s day instead of shaking heads and tallying up judgments?
What if we decided not to continue to follow people who were consistently negative or frustrated?
What if we made it our mission to become online encouragers instead of annoyed onlookers (or, at times, rant-ers)?
What if we began refusing to enter into needless conflict?
What if we viewed social media as a tool we’ve been given to change and give and create live-giving community?

WE are in control of social media. We have so much more connection than the past generations. It takes seconds to share something all over the world. Let’s make it good. You have power. You have influence.
It’s not impossible to turn it all around. We can make a difference just so easily.


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